First Year B. Sc. I.T. - Semester 2

The syllabus of First Year B.Sc., semester 2 exposes the student to one of the most important topics in computer science and IT - design and analysis of algorithms. Indeed, this is one subject taht the student would be well advised to master thoroughly as it forms the basis of all programming

Electronics and telecommunications are both vital for an IT student - electronics because computers are electronic systems and telecommunications is needed for interconnecting computers.

Computer Graphics plays an ever increasing role in the user-interface between humna beings and computers. This paper introduces the student to fundamentals of computer graphics, animations and multimedia and requires a strong mathematical background.

Mathematics is essential for any science-related subject and IT is no exception. The paper on mathematics exposes the student to topics on fourier series, complex numbers, vector algebra and calculus.

A mere technical knowledge of subjects is not sufficient in teh current job market. Soft skills, and communication skills such as letter writing, report writing, preparing minutes of a meeting, group discussions and interview techniques are some of the topics to which a student is exposed in the paper on Professional Skills Development

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