• Which is the largest state of India in terms of area -  Rajasthan
  • India's 1st oil refinery - Digboi Assam
  • Who appoints Attorney General – President of India
  • who was the Governor General of India just after independence. – Lord Mountbatten
  • MOU was signed between India and which country for civil servant and its sector ?
  • 1st governer of RBI?
  • Satellite which recently lost connectivity was?
  • 1st vedas? -Rigveda
  • In what proportion rice of Rs 60 be mixed with rice of Rs 40 so that resulting mixture is at Rs 55 per kg?
  • DDA 23 april second shift asked question 
  • 1.sikh dharm k pehle guru kon thy 

  • Acid and base k neutralization se kya prapt hota h 
  • kabaddi ki team m kitne player ko subsitude kr sakti h ek team 
  • 8.gravity and nuclear based question 9.endocrine gland base question

vMembers which are connected together and act as single member – Composite member
In longitudinal column bar of dia 80, number of bar required are?
vThe effective size for slow sand filter is?
vThe maximum value for slenderness ratio of tension member is?
vWhen waste is put in water then which index is noted (gm/lit) –Sludge value index
DDA exam 23 april 2018 second shift technical question asked civil 1. composite beam kya hota h 2.one side fixed & other side hinged column length will be 3.WCB(335'30')then find QB 4.triangle section k MOI ka ratio centre & base ka 5.earth ki curvature ko kb consider krte h survey m area(260km) 6.theodolite ka size kese define krte h 7.A class brick water absorption 8.water supply system like (grid iron,dead end , spiral) which one is wrong? 8.compression index kya hota h 9.soundness test apparatus 10.slump test

DDA 23 second shift technical asked question civil 1.cu=16,Cc=1 than find D60/D30 2.density index numerical 3.capillary kis soil ki jyada hoti h 4.sensitivity index question 5.clay,silt,organic graph related question 6.porosity 40% specifi yeild 1.5 than find specific yeild 7. surface tension unit 8. sever condition cover kitna dete h 9.acid attack & tidal zone konsi condition hogi 10.IS : 456 Minimum grade of concrete

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