Richard Travithick of Great Britain introduced first ever steam locomotive in the year 1894. We are presenting some interesting facts on failways that you should know.


The first rail used horse as engine which used to pull the cart along the railway track during 1780's.

The first steam locomotive was named as "PUFFING EAGLE".

"Surry iron railway" was the first passanger carrying railway between Wansworth and Croydon in Britain.

Longest railways in world

On the path of development presently we have enormous railway network all round the world. Here is some facts on world largest railway network. 

Trans - Siberian railway is the longest railway in the world. It covers the total distance of 9258 kilometers. 

It operates between Vladivostok to Moscow.
It is also connected with China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan with connecting link.

The project was started in year 1891 and till it is expanded wherever required.

It covers two trips in one month.

United states has the longest railway network which is around 2,60,000 km wide spread.

China has railway network of 1,10,000 km which is the second largest in world.
Russia has the third largest railway connectivity of 87,000 km.
India stands fourth in network with more than 66,000 km tracks.

Indian railways facts

Mascot - Guard elephant

Three types of rail is witnessed in India.

1) Broad gauge
2) Meter gauge
3) Narrow gauge
Started in the year 1853 from Bombay to Thane.

The fastest train till present day operates at speed 195 km/hr between Delhi - Agra 

Non stop train operates between Kota - Vadodara which is 530 km.

Longest train is Vivek express (Dibrugarh - Kanyakumari) has length of 4275 km.

World longest platform is in Gorakhpur ( U.P) having length of 1.35 km.

Indian railways carry over 30 million passangers every day which is more than Australia's population.

The oldest steam engine FAIRY QUEEN still runs on rails.  

State wise Uttar Pradesh has longest railway lines followed by Rajasthan. 

  • Japan to invest 33.58$ billion in India for bullet trains in coming five years.
  • India declared to invest 60,000 crore on new project of high speed trains.
  • The only time a train has been run by fish in Turkestan in year 1919. The train used dried fish caught in the Aral sea as fuel. This was done because of coal shortage in Turkestan.
  • The first underground railway was opened in London (U.K) on 10th January 1863.
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