FORD GT 2016
He was a son of a mechanic. His father had a small workshop at 58 Bagley street, Detroit. Those were the days of 1894 when people had no options other than horse cart and Bullock carts. Henry Ford wrote a new story which proved to be revolution in history of automobiles. He was curious in his mind and started working on a concept that could produce a machine which could produce power and torque of its own. 

He started turning his imaginations into reality since early days of 1894. He conducted 100's of experiments in the next two years before invention of first ever car named "Ford Quadricycle". The name was derived because of four wheels. Not like today's car, it looked like a toy for adults. 

Henry Ford along with his four friends namely Edward Huff, David Bell, George Cato, Jim Bishop set the platform which eventually turned out to be benchmark of establishing today's million dollar company called Fords motor company. The first experimental modal  consisted of four bicycle wheels and iron frame. Most of the body parts were wooden. The car consisted of only two gears and could only provide maximum speed of 32 km/hour. As the engine could only develop 4 horsepower and could be used with petrol, kerosene and even ethanol. On the initial runs Henry Ford found difficulty in shifting the gears due to inefficient torque and also has limitation of reverse gear but who cares, it was for the first time that a cart was moving self powered without horse. Another difficulty was excess heating of air cooled engine which ultimately was eliminated by introducing water cooled jackets around the engine. This technique became very popular and till day water cooled engines are in use.

The quadricycle consisted of a brass handle to give direction instead of round steering. It had 11 liter fuel tank which was placed below the seat designed for sitting of two persons.


  • In the year 1896 the very first quadricycle that Henry Ford made was sold at $ 200 to Mr. Charles Ainsley (an American) .
  • Later on he purchased back that car for just $60 and kept with him for life time which is still kept in Henry Ford museum, Michigan.
  •  In 1899 and 1901 he made two more quadricycles.
  • In the year 1903, when Henry Ford established his own motor company and named it as Ford motor company.
  • During 1903-1904 Company produced more than 1700 cars. It was more advanced and could run at speed 45 km/hour and the car cost around $750.
  • Ford came up with model A, model B, C in its successive years and each version was improved and reliable than earlier. These models came up between 1904-1933.
  • The most costliest Ford car to be sold ever in an auction was Ford GT 40 at price of $ 11 million in year 1968.
  • Ford company sells 1 new vehicle every 10 second.
  • Ford GT is the fastest car from Ford motor company.
  • Ford GT is also the most expensive car ford ever made. It is priced around $ 4,00,000. It is likely to be launched in 2016 according to reports.

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