Missiles are extremely explosive weapons used in modern war field which is capable of destroying any target with cent percent accuracy even when the target is few thousand kilometers away. The missile is Propelled and commanded by the guidance system which directs it along specific path. The command is given to it basically by two ways.

1) Commanding through computer autopilot.
2) By external sources (discussed later).

Quick history

During second world war Germany was the first ever country to use "flying bombs" causing mass destruction. The first ever missile used was V-1 flying bomb and later V-2 was used. Actually the word missile has been derived from Latin word mittere which means "to launch" or "to send".

Let's have a clear under understanding of missile guidance. Depending upon the nature of operation missiles are classified as

1) Land to air
2) Land to land
3) Air to air
4) Air to land

Depending upon the location we classify it as

1) strategic
2) support
3) Tactile

Depending upon nature

1) Ballistic
2) Aerodynamics

There is difference between rocket bomb, guided bomb and missile. Let us understand the how are they distinguished. A rocket is self powered but unguided ammunition. It cannot trace the path or change the direction with respect to moving target. It is suited for stationary targets only.

Guided bombs are also known as smart bombs and are unpowered  weapons but includes guidance system which is accessed, monitored and controlled by external device. The very first country that used such guided bomb was Germany. It was known as precision guided munition (PGM). It was used against Italy during world war II in 1943.

Guided bombs

A missile is self powered and guided ammunition that can trace even a moving target with high accuracy. It can change its trajectory with respect to target and trace its path in accordance with it.

Insight of missile.

A missile is summarized with large number of components which helps to achieve excellent accuracy . It is highly computer integrated technology starting from receiving of signal to accomplishment of target. The major components of missile are

1) Guidance system

2) Control system
3) Propulsion system
4) War head

Guidance system

It is very important and most important aspect of missile functioning. A missile is guided by infrared, radio waves, laser radiation to hit the target. The missile will trace the target (enemy's missile, radar, launcher etc) because of its radiation, heat and waves. Once the missile is guided and launched, no further action is required as it can achieve its target. Sometimes in order to trace path of enemy infrared or visible light is used, this is called TV guidance. This can be controlled by man with help of computers.
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