How does nuclear fission reaction takes place


What is nuclear fission ?

When a neutron strikes a large atomic nucleus ( Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239 ), it splits into two nucleus and at the same time releases kinetic energy, radiation and free neutrons.

What is chain reaction?

A chain reaction is one in which same reaction is repeated number of times. In case of nuclear fission reaction, the neutrons generated after each reaction is utilized further to break nucleus of Uranium/plutonium. Hence more Kinetic energy and radiation produced. This is called as nuclear chain reaction.

How heat is generated during reaction?

The heat is generated basically due to three reasons. These are:-

Kinetic energy generated during nuclear fission reaction is converted into heat energy due to nuclear collision.

The gamma rays produced during reaction also adds to heat.

Heat is generated due to radioactive decay.

All these adds to enormous amount of heat during fission process.

How electricity is produced from nuclear power plant?

The major purpose of nuclear plant for most of the countries is to develop power or electricity. Heat produced by plant is absorbed by water. On absorbtion, water is converted into pressurized steam. A turbine is connected with a steam channel which is directed to blades of turbine. When the blades rotates, alternator works and this inturn  generates electricity.

Do you know?

The nuclear fission reaction take take place in atom bomb is very high than in reactor which produce electricity.

1 kelogram of uranium-235 on reaction can produce about 30,00,000 times more energy than 1 kelogram of coal.
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